This award was initiated in 2014 by the Executive Members of the Postgraduate Students’ Association, who felt that there was a need to recognise and publicise the support given to postgraduate students by people who contribute to your studies but are not eligible for the SOYA, TOYA or OTOYA awards.

This award is aimed at recognising the significant time and support that these individuals contribute to the student experience, while often going unrecognised. A nomination indicates that this person has made a significant contribution to helping you during your studies at UON. Please note that family members and close personal friends are not eligible.
The Selection Process

The selection criteria is based on the nominee's assistance in relation to your studies. 
Should the Selection Panel and the NUPSA Executive deem the nominations received have not met the criteria, a decision may be made not to make an award for this year. The decision by the Selection Panel and the NUPSA Executive will be final, and no discussions or correspondence will be entered into with the applicants for the nominations.

PLEASE NOTE: Nominations are to be current, with details relating to the 2017 calendar year (for example, a nomination from a student who completed their degree in 2016 or before will not be accepted).

Nominator/Student's Name

Please state your degree title

Please state your faculty

Mode of study

Contact number

Student email address

Nominee/Helper's Name

Nominee/Helper's Faculty or Department

Please outline how your nominee performs in respect of the following criteria:

Their contribution to your studies.

Their assistance in your personal development.

Their professional guidance (if applicable).

Their expert knowledge in or about your area of study (if applicable).

Their handling of administrative matters concerning your work and progress (if applicable).

Please note any other comments you would like to make in support of your nomination.

Thank you for your nomination. 
Applications will be reviewed towards the end of the year.

Awards will be announced at the NUPSA Annual Dinner, to be held on Friday 1 December, 2017.
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